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Angel Montiel 

When I was a child, the very first time I saw Richard Avedon’s “Fashion Photography” I knew I had found my calling; even though I consider myself to be a photographer working outside of such labels. This creative world inspires me deeply, because fashion is about more than just clothing, it is a state of mind, a projection, something to enjoy, like a kid in a playground, an area where everything is possible.

I focused all of my time and energy on the pursuit of my passion: photography. And here I am… I moved to Montreal, and with 2 years of Commercial Photography studies at Dawson College and my previous experience as a graphic designer behind me I began my career in photography. I have been working with the conviction of sharing my vision with people who believe in the magic of an instant , a moment in time captured with passion and delivered as a work of art.

©Angel Montiel all rights reserved.

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